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Introduction: This will be a short KhunFany fanfiction that will run around 15-20 short chapters.

If the response is good I may continue the fanfic but we’ll see. :) - psycheliar

Cr: Characters(K-pop)

Writer: Psycheliar(On twitter)

Some ideas: Tiffanatic

Tiffany/Nichkhun fanfic (characters include:Kikwang(B2ST), Taecyeon(2PM), Victoria(f(x)), Nicole(KARA), Jessica(SNSD), Taeyeon(SNSD), Sunny(SNSD), Woo Young(2PM), OC*)

*OC = Own Character(May or may not depending on how the story progresses)

Setting: Boarding School Australia

Description: Nichkhun, the number one hottie on campus, always wearing designer labels, rich, intelligent and having girls falling for him everywhere. Tiffany, the school nerd, bad fashion sense and always in sweat pants and t- shirts. What happens when a freak accident occurs and Nichkhun slowly uncovers Tiffany’s secret?


Chapter 01: An unexpected beginning 


'Shit, I'm late for class! Why won't the keys fit!' 

Tiffany fumbled with the keys until she finally got it in, she slammed her door shut, got the keys out and ran for class. 

She was running across campus juggling all the heavy books in her arms, bang. A warm hard surface. Ouch. 

Tiffany thought to herself, ‘Oh god.. Don’t tell me.’


Nichkhun was walking across campus with a bunch of friends. Bang. He felt a small creature hit him. 

A girl dressed in sweat pants and a plain old T-shirt fell on the floor, she picked up all her books in a hurry and dropped her bag in the process. Everything in it scattered around.

'Let me help you,' Nichkhun flashed his amazing smile completed with perfect pearlie white teeth. Tiffany was sure he did whitening services every month.

'It's alright, I can handle.' Tiffany blurted out quickly. Nichkhun continued helping her pick up her books when he came across a shiny expensive looking necklace.

(That’s the latest spring collection of Tiffany and Co. due to launch next month! Why does she have it?) 

-Author’s note: Nichkhun knows about this cause he’s been eyeing it as a present to give it to his girlfriend for valentine’s next month, oops spoiler- 

Nickhun stared at it for the next few moments. Tiffany suddenly noticed and grabbed it back from Nichkhun. 

'That's the latest…', Nichkhun tried to finish his sentence but Tiffany interrupted, 'That is nothing.' She chucked the necklace into her bag and scurried off to class. 

Nichkhun stood there, looking as her back view slowly disappeared into the crowd.

Who is that girl?

——- Short Chapter 1 End ———

So what do you think about the fanfic? :) Feel free to leave opinions in my ask box, thanks for reading!

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